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Mindset Makers is...

a lifestyle blog that provides curated content intended to help you maximize your greatest potential.

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Mindset Makers is a destination for you that inspires and encourages authenticity. We are your reminder, that no matter what season of life you are in, you are loved, appreciated, and beautiful.

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rachel brown

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am the Founder & Artist of the lifestyle blog Mindset Makers. Over the past year, Mindset Makers has evolved from an Instagram page with inspiring content and art to a thriving brand and retail business.

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"We promote a mindful and centered way of living."

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Present over perfect

We are called to show up as we are. To be in the present, where we are needed!

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Hi, Rachel here! I am an art enthusiast, matcha connoisseur, and a lover of all things handmade. In addition to the content and blogs that I am producing, I am also selling things I make and products that I have collected from small business around the world. Our art and retail section is a collective of handmade ethical pieces and art made by me. I want to showcase the artistry and creativity this world is full of!

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Sunsets in the Camp house pasture



I look forward to receiving each Mindset Maker's order. They arrive packaged as a gift with a lot of thought and care in the package presentation...The high quality of each item was remarkable value. I love it when what you see is what you get!

Christina Perez Rohl

Absolutely loved all three pieces of art from Mindset Makers. Each piece was deceptively simple in design but evoked soothing repsonses when studied. I can't wait to purchase my next MM original.

Melissa Branch