Artists to Admire: In the Studio with Caroline Korbell and William Carrington by Wendy Bowman Butler


I have always been greatly inspired by my aunt and uncle, artist and sculptor, Caroline Korbell and William Carrington. They continue to leave an enduring impact in the San Antonio art community and across Texas. Their passion and perseverance to have a voice and place in the art world is beyond inspiring. Wendy Bowman Butler, an exceptionally talented photographer and artist, who is also my wonderful cousin, has interviewed and photographed the Carringtons in her new series "In the Studio". This beautiful and insightful interview highlights the Carrington's aptitude for art and their story of how they got to where they are now. The conversation between Wendy and the Carringtons is exemplary of the story of art and where discipline and trust will take you. Caroline and William personally dive into their individual process of making their art while giving advice on how to stay true to yourself in this heavily competitive world. Wendy is applying her knowledge in the arts along with her photography skills into capturing local and international artists in their creative habitats. By creating a platform to showcase them and their work, she is embodying what my mission is here at Mindset Makers: to inspire, care, and share. Click the above image to read the Carrington's interview on Wendy's site and become inspired!