5 Things to Do Right Now to Boost Your Mood

1) Stop whatever you are doing and repeat this

“I appreciate what is coming my way. I am in love with who I am right now and who I am becoming."

I love to think this when I am feeling low about myself. We all have those moments. Say this to get yourself back on track and to remind yourself to love who you are every part of the journey. 


2) Put away your phone, laptop, iPad, anything that has a screen. Distance yourself from that world.

The social media world can be consuming sometimes. Remember that is not the "real world". The real world is what is right in front of you. People use filters, air brush, and so many other tools to create this picture perfect image of themselves. Distance yourself from that fake world and be in the present where you are needed. 


3) Stop and repeat

“I choose to let go. My peace is more important.”

When you start to get fired up about something, or you begin to develop resentment towards someone or something, remember that staying in that mindset will not unleash your greatest self. Instead tell yourself you choose peace. Your peace is more important than that. 



4) Make some tea.

Nothing brings me so much peace and joy than when I make tea. It's such a small thing but it is so good for your mental and physical health.

- relieves stress

- boosts brain function

- may help keep your weight in check

- all-natural antibiotic



5) Wash your face.

Whether you have makeup on or not, wash your face with cool water. This process is rejuvenating and something I find so calming.