"Acknowledge" then Place It Where It Belongs

You have to feel your feelings before you place it in God's hands. 
You have to acknowledge the thoughts you are having before you give it to God. 

Being aware of yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically is so important in this distractive world. Creating the time to reflect and to realize how you are doing is essential in staying in communication with God. 

Once you are aware of how you are feeling, you are allowing yourself to open your heart and to bring whatever is on your mind to God. I always stress this, open you heart! This is how you can receive God's guidance and RELEASE to Him what you need help with. Opening your heart requires you to be honest with yourself. It requires you to feel your feelings.

I always remind myself to give everything to God, the good and the bad. He is the only one who can use whatever it is for good. God is the only one who can show me how to move forward and how to live a life of abundance in His glory. 

In conclusion, everything belongs in God's hands. The easy, the difficult, the frustrating, the joy, the lessons, the mistakes, all of it belongs to God. Be aware of where you are and how you are feeling. Then give it to God. He will show you where to go from there.