Give It Your All

Give your all to the present moment. It NEEDS you and YOU NEED it. 
God did not put us on Earth to know the future, to control and understand everything. He put us here to know Him and to make Him known. It is through being in the present moment, we are able to live the joyful and abundant life God wants us to live.
I assume way too often. I will try to predict the future and be in tomorrow's agenda when in truth God wants me to be right where my feet stand. The present moment has enough going on, so give the NOW your all. Even if your to-do list is long and you feel the need to rush and speed through it, try to resist. Your quality time is needed in the present moment. 
God is in charge. God is control. God knows the future. We don't. Our purpose is not to be omniscient, it is to serve and focus on God in the present moment where He is calling us to be.