Hope is Your Birthright

I have been thinking a lot about hope lately. Hope, just like love and peace is one of the most beautiful and powerful things we have access to on this Earth. In fact you are hope. Just like you are love.
Hope was instilled within us on day one. Hope is our birthright. God naturally created us to have hope woven into your thoughts, actions, and desires. But in this challenging and dark world, things will distract us from channelling our birthright of hope. 
This is my definition of hope. Hope is knowing that all the pieces of the puzzle will fit and come together in God's timing. Hope is accepting the reality of the unknown but reassuring yourself that every piece of your life has a reason and plays a part in your journey. Regardless of how difficult life may be at sometimes, we will be alright. This is hope and we were created to think and live this way.
Don't you ever wonder why you always feel uneasy and just not right when you are fearful or going through a dark season. You start to experience anxiety, stress, and confusion. That's because you are being distracted by worldly things and unable to access the hope that God has gifted you. You don't feel your best self because those feelings and thoughts are not you. You were created for something better. Don't forget who you are. 
Don't let the distractions and darkness of the world speak for you. Represent who you are, and that is love and hope. Hope is a golden chord connecting you to heaven, your true home. And that is your identity.