It is Not What You Do But How You Do It

This is the truth. It's not what you do in your life but how you live your life. Are you living with love and gratitude? Or are you living with hate and dissatisfaction? It is a choice on how you want to live. Whether you are rich or poor, it is a choice, it is a mindset, it is an active decision. Where are you putting your time and energy? What is your why? 

My why is God. I know I am here to serve Him. Sometimes I may forget that, or get caught in the ways of the world, and that's ok because I am human. But I try to realize what I am doing and then choose to seek Him above all else. I live for Him and not for myself. What ever I am doing, I am going to do with love and do it for God. I know I am going to make mistakes, but I know those mistakes will bring me closer to God and remind me that I need Him! 

It's all about the mindset! What's yours?