Keep Your Heart Open

Always keep your heart open. No matter what is coming your way God wants you to accept and receive it because, guess what, it is making you stronger! Your present moment is preparing you for the future. You are growing and flourishing from experiencing whatever is occurring in your life, whether it may be easy or hard, short or long, you are acquiring so much by living it. And the best way to live with this attitude is to be acceptive of whatever is happening.
If you experience something and choose to disregard your feelings or be constantly unwilling to accept change, you are not keeping your heart open. You are closing your heart to what God is wanting you to experience. I trust God that whatever He is allowing in my life is for my best. I may not think or feel that way, but I choose to keep my heart open because God is control and what He has planned for me far exceeds anything I could ever expect. 
It is so simple but I felt called to put this out here. Keep your heart open to whatever comes you way. You are choosing joy, happiness, and fulfillment when you live this way.