Less is More

Dear God,

Thank you for the brightness of this new day. I am so grateful to have this morning to start my day with you. I give myself fully to the journey of today. I am unaware of where this day will take me but I am trusting you and receiving and releasing what comes my way! God, I ask that you help remind me what is important and what is not. Help me to detach myself from materialistic things and thoughts that leave no lasting impact. Help me to relish in simplicity. Instill within me God the understanding that less is more and that I don’t need more to be happy.
We live in a consumerist world where our eyes are constantly hit with advertisements. Help me to see through that and see it is not something I need. I know my best self is my internal self. And everything inside is all I need to live as my best self. The love I am built from and the love that is forever within me is the most important. Show me how I can grow that love and spread that love today. Love you, God.