Let Go And Surrender to God's Will

You are as strong as your readiness to surrender. 

This may sound counter intuitive at first, but once truly understood, it is the strongest and healthiest to live. 

To surrender, is to bow down to the process of living this life. We don't understand this "process" fully, like why certain things happen, where we will be in 5 years, or what we will be doing next week. But part of the process is not knowing. By understanding that, and accepting there is a purpose for everything that occurs in your life, you are trusting the process. You are trusting that you may not know why it is happening but there is more to the eye.

Surrender is such a powerful word and I am sure to many, it is not, but in this context to surrender to the process and to the present moment is a powerful and strong thing to do. It doesn't mean you love what is happening to you, but you receive and accept it as part of your journey, as part of the story of your life. Not in any means does it define you, whether it is good or bad, but it completes you. It is helping you become the person you are destined to be. 

Surrender to what happens to you. Surrender to what God is allowing in your life. It all has a purpose for your ultimate good.