Receive and Release

As we journey through life, we learn how to live the best and fullest way. I think a big part of living well is learning how we can process what happens to us and to the world. How can we grow and flourish amidst difficulties and challenges? Life is not always sunshine and daises. Despite whatever is occurring in your life, my everyday mindset is "receive and release."  

Receive what comes your way, the good and the bad, feel what you need to feel, and then release it. Let it go. Your body and heart will let you know when it’s time to release. Trust the process and surrender to God’s perfect timing.
Everything that comes your way has a purpose to play in your story. Whether it’s small or big, it has a reason for occurring. Accept what is happening. Receive what God is allowing to happen in your life. Breathe it in, feel the feelings, and then let it go, filling yourself with God’s love. You are stronger because of it.

It can very hard though! Last week for me was full of challenges and road bumps, and at many points it was hard for me to receive and release.
As we start this new day, I wanted to share this mindset of receiving and releasing. Use this way of thinking to help you absorb and process the present moment, no matter the circumstance. The more you practice receiving and releasing the hardships, the easier it will become to let it go. Keep your heart open!