Release and Let Go

If you feel overwhelmed, angry, confused, jealous, or just kinda off, do this...

REALIZE and ACKNOWLEDGE that you are feeling a certain way.

After that IDENTIFY the source of what is making you feel this certain way. That could be a situation you are in, thoughts you have been having, fears, guilt, etc. 

Now, LET IT GO. 

I know, easier said than done. But if this feeling and thought is preventing you from being your happiest and healthiest self, it's not worth your time or energy. You need to release it. Place whatever it is in God's hands and let it go. BUT allow yourself the time you need to release it. Often, it's not going to happen over night. But know that this period of releasing, as difficult as it may be, is still very purposeful. REMEMBER! God is in control and He uses everything in your life, the easy and the hard, for your ultimate good! 

Consistency is key here! When you start to realize you are going down a road of negative thoughts, worry, resentment, stop yourself, know that those thoughts are NOT YOU and give it all to God. Give it up to Him so you can make room in yourself to do all the amazing things God has planned for you. But like I said earlier, be kind and loving to yourself as you begin the process of releasing. Sometimes it will be easy and other times it will be hard. But nonetheless, it serves a place in your journey. You are growing from all of it for the better!