Show Up With an Open Heart

Show up to where God has placed you with an open heart.

By keeping your heart open you are better able to receive and FEEL what God is always providing you: hope, peace, and joy.

What I mean by opening your heart is allowing yourself to feel everything, the good and the bad, and placing it all in God's hands.

When you walk through life opening your heart you are able to see through the difficult and sad things because you are choosing to focus on Jesus and living in an attitude of faith and trust. Living with Jesus with an open heart is the BEST WAY TO LIVE. The more you choose this way of living, the more disciplined you will become when something heavy enters your life. You will allow yourself to feel but also to focus on the truth which is God is taking care of you!

Have an open heart and show up to where God has guided you too. That moment, however small it may be, serves a role in your journey. God is using it for your ultimate good and to glorify Him. Be present and open your heart.