The Blessing of Being

It is easy to get stuck in a bad mindset. Someone said a hurtful thing to you. You just heard something sad. You are experiencing anger, frustration, and stress because of a difficult season. It is so easy to have these moments impact your view of the present situation.

What I reminded myself recently is that these feelings and emotions do not come from God. They come from this fallen world. God wants us to live with Him amongst these feelings and to not have these feelings consume you and take you away from experiencing the truth, which is...

every moment, despite what it may be, is a blessing. 

The blessing of being, is what I like to call it. Experiencing all these emotions, whether it is good or bad, whether it comes from God or not, is being allowed to happen by God to bring you closer to Him. To create a relationship with Him. That is the purpose of everything that happens to you. It is your choice on how you perceive it. 

"God's love accompanies you in every moment of your life. Thus every moment is a blessing to have God's unconditional love and perfect peace." 

The next time someone hurts your feelings, accept how it makes you feel. But then rejoice in the blessing of being able to experience God's love in that moment. Don't have your hurt feelings ruin the gift of the day. This is hard to do, but the more you implement it into your life and the more you focus on God, the easier it will become.