The Power of Love

I always like to emphasize that our purpose in life is to love. The best way to show up as love and receive love is to keep your heart open. This is a power that every single one of us can channel. 

In order to keep your heart open you must be aware of what you are feeling. You must be accepting of what is present in your life and how it is making you feel. And you must separate yourself from that feeling. You are not that singular feeling or thought. You are allowing yourself the time and space to feel what you need to feel in order to let go of what needs to pass. You accomplish this by keeping your heart open to what God is allowing in your life. At the core of this is faith. Because it is your faith in God that will help you release the heavy things. 

Living this way is love. Being accepting and honest with yourself and with others is part of what love is. I always have to remind myself, love isn't just what the movies portray. Love transcends all of that. It is the most powerful thing we have. This ability, given to us by God, is what will help us get through everything in our lives. It is who we are. We are love. It is our birthright.

A life full love will not always be easy, but by keeping your heart open, feeling what you need to feel, and being ok with the time that you need to do so, no matter what comes your way you will keep moving forward, growing and flourishing in the most fulfilling way.