To Love Is To Accept

Love is why we are here. It is our purpose on this Earth to give love, to be love, and to receive love. But what people forget sometimes is that love isn't always easy and sweet. Love looks different from how the movies often portray it. Love encompasses so much.
Love can look like an honest conversation with a loved one, a realization that a change in lifestyle needs to happen. Love can be a no to something but a yes to something else. At the core of love, I believe, is acceptance. Just as God loves us unconditionally, despite what we might do, we should strive to do the same with the people in our lives and the situations we find ourselves in. By choosing to love something, for example, a hard situation, that doesn't mean you are jumping up and down with joy smiling, but it means you are accepting the difficult moment as a difficult moment. That is love. You are not giving up and letting the moment control you. You are choosing to trust God by loving, which is accepting what is happening because you know there is more to it than what you can see.