Trust What God Is Doing In Your Life

I have to remind myself this every day. Trust what God is doing in your life. 

Yes, it can be so hard, because what is happening may be difficult, scary, challenging, and upsetting HOWEVER the present moment is part of the process of you becoming who God has put you here to be. God's plan for you far outweighs what you may be envisioning. I have to remind myself He wants the best for me, however the best may not be what I think is best. 

We spend our whole lives on Earth discerning between what we want and what we need. God will only give us what we need. It will come in forms that might be frightful at first but after the curtain is pulled back and the light which is embedded within everything comes to the center stage you realize the truth that God has promised each one of us a life of prosperity, hope, and love. And the powerful thing is that it will not always look beautiful, nice, and easy, but God is able to transform everything within His perfect timing into a beautiful blessing. Because His spirit lives within each one of us, no matter what happens to us, we will gain something, we will grow, and we be moving forward. That's how God created us to be. 

Trust what God is doing right now in your life. It is what you need. Accept your feelings of fear or anxiety and remind yourself of the truth that God will give you the life He promised you. A life of prosperity, hope, and love.