When You Have an Off Day

We all have them. Those days when you are feeling off and don't really know why. Instead of focusing on the why, focus on the what?

  • What are you doing with your time?
  • What are you focusing on? 

The answers to those questions are usually me thinking negatively about myself and the situation I am in. My focus is on my flaws and imperfections and not viewing them in the way that God uses them but how the world sees them. I am focusing on the hardships, the loss, the confusion, and the stress of life! But this is actually a beautiful reminder that WE NEED GOD! These feelings and thoughts are normal. Yes, normal. When I am having an off day like this, it usually means I need to make a change in my mindset and how I am spending my time.

We are called to live a life with Jesus! A life of peace, hope, and love. Life in this fallen world is not going to be easy and we will be reminded that this world is not our forever home. But God gave us the ability to still experience an eternal life with him here! So do things that bring you closer to Him and to the joyful life He wants you to live! Sounds easy! However, I can be very stubborn and stick with a habit even though I know it's not a fulfilling one. 


These are habits I am trying to stop. 

- time spent on social media

- looking for the faults in things

- comparing myself or a situation

- shopping


Replace those habits with 

- focusing on what I always have, God's presence.  

- doing what brings me joy: walks, working on Mindset Maker's content, painting

- uplifting and encouraging myself by knowing my worth in Jesus Christ 

- reading inspirational stuff 


Recognize those unhealthy and unfulfilling habits and get rid of them! It might take a while, but starting that process is the way to living a more joyful and abundant life. 

Recognize your faults, your desires, and everything that makes you human. Because of that you need Jesus, and a life with Jesus is the best life you can have!