You Are Called To Be In The Present Moment

In this season of life, I have been reminding myself frequently to stay present. A lot has been going on and it is so easy to get distracted from what is happening right in front of you!

With all the heavy things you may be carrying this season, remind yourself to take it one thing at a time. Know that by being present in the moment given to you from God, you will be able to receive the strength and the peace to keep going and to keep living the best way you can. 

Yes, the present moment may be difficult or scary, but IT NEEDS you and everything you have to offer. But also YOU NEED THE PRESENT MOMENT, because it is part of your story. It is building you into the person you are destined to become. If God is allowing it, it has a purpose!

Be as present as you can!! Catch yourself when your mind starts to float to tomorrow's to-do list, stay grounded in the present so you can receive what is being given to you!.