Establishing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

This is something I have personally struggled with…… a lot.

Last week, I went to bed one night dictating to myself,

“You are going to wake up super early tomorrow and be go-go-go all day.”

 My eyes, burning from my iPhone’s toxic screen light, reverberated throughout my dark room as I felt the space enclose on top of me as my mind juggled one thought after the other. I wanted to get that work-high tomorrow where I was accomplishing one thing after another. I wanted to be productive and successful 24/7. And that was my mindset.

The next morning, I woke up early and went straight to work and by 2 pm I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I sat in my car, wrapping up one of my work zoom calls and felt numb.

 My mind was racing with what I needed to get done with my business in order for me to be my most successful self. I was so focused on what I wanted to accomplish that I wasn’t soaking in what I had gotten done or what I had started.

I wanted to cry because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. This business that I had started wasn’t getting the traction I expected and all I wanted to do was let it out and cry but my body wouldn’t let me. I then started talking out loud. I realized I was overwhelming myself with the unknown in an unrealistic and unmanageable way. I decided that I needed to create a more effective and healthy work-life balance.


Going into creating this balance, your mindset is everything.


 “The success is the journey.”


My mindset now was that the success is the journey. Saying that out loud, all the stress and weight I had been carrying around for days evaporated. Embracing this as your mindset reassures you its ok with where you are right now in life. Everything serves a beautiful purpose including the small things. They all get you to where you are meant to go.

In order to be successful you need to understand the importance of rest. When establishing a healthy work-life balance this is a huge factor. You need to make sure to give yourself time to step back and step away from you work, your job, your business, whatever it is. This will help you succeed.

This is a balanced way of living, so your personal and your business should balance out if your personal is not more.  


 “Learn more about yourself.”


In order to create a strong work-life balance you need to know when to give yourself a break. This means learning more about how you handle stress, work, lack of sleep, and etc. It’s different for everyone. Understand who you are and how you handle these things. Learn more about yourself and take observation.

For me, gluing myself to work and pushing the limit to get to where I want to go is something I am naturally inclined to do, but it does not release my best self. So, in order to combat those feelings of burnout and being overwhelmed I need to take a step back when I start to feel a certain way. What ques this for me are the following


  • Second guessing myself
  • Over thinking
  • My body feels drained
  • Brain fog
  • Tension headache


When I start to notice these things that’s when I take a step back.

Taking this into account is important when understanding your work-life balance; what your limits are.  

I have developed a 4 Part Guide specifically to tackling this: Itemize, Categorize, Be Accountable, and Be Mindful. I have explained this process more thoroughly on Mindset Makers social media but I have decided that I will be releasing a worksheet to walk you through creating a heathy work-life balance. It is free and extremely useful! Ever since I have started looking at my days through this 4 Part Guide I have not experienced ANY burnout. It is the best mind road map for my work days.

It helps you establish breaks throughout your day, moments of affirmation, and at the end of the day acknowledging your daily victories. It is a second by second mindset approach where I help you build a to-do list that prevents you from spreading yourself too thin. Establishing a healthy mindset will help you tackle your work day and be the prelude to your balanced and effective to-do list.

I am not perfect in any measure but learning more about myself and understanding what I need and when I need it is super important in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Your mindset is at the base of this and learning to live above the circumstance with mindful ambition is all you need! Go check out the worksheet and begin aligning your life!