Everyday Self-Care


Self-care is one of the most important things we as humans need to address. Taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually is paramount in us channeling our greatest potential. As a 25 year old still navigating the wellness world and discovering what I need in order to be my greatest self, I have discovered that “less is more”. We often seek out something physical to make us feel better. Whether it’s that face wash we see plastered across every magazine or Instagram add or that workout plan that you need to subscribe to in order to feel your most fit, “we think” that is our solution, we think that is what we need.


To channel your greatest self and to embrace your strongest level of wellness all you need is yourself. Your heart, soul, body, and mind. That’s all you need. The day we were born God gave us everything we need in order to live happily and fully. We live in a world full of outlets and channels that are consistently putting in front of us objects and ideas that "we need" in order to look and feel the most beautiful. It’s great marketing, I’ll give it that, but its important to not fall too deep down that rabbit hole. The secret to unleashing your greatest potential is realizing the fact that you RIGHT NOW have everything you need in order to achieve your greatest and happiest self. It all comes from within.  


 So, now that you know the secret, how do you unleash it? Honestly it’s a question I am still searching to find the answer to and will spend the rest of my life learning. But that’s the beautiful thing. Life is a journey full of self-discovery. What I have learned thus far is that your mindset plays an imperative part in channeling your greatest self. My everyday self-care comes from within. My mindsets, affirmations, and mantras are what I have with me always. By reciting and meditating on them I am reminded of who I am and why I am here. These mantras below are part of my everyday self-care and keep me living in the present with joy and gratitude. 


“Letting go of what you don’t know and surrendering to the present moment.”


Be human. Feel what you feel. We want to control so much in life. How we feel, how we respond, how the future will unfold. What we need to understand is at the end of the day we have minimal control of what happens to us. So, spending so much physical and mental energy in trying to plan out everything you do and say is a waste of time. Instead control what you can control. Control how you view the present and how you apply your beautiful authentic self to it. Everything will unfold in the way it is meant to.


“Love who you are.”


I hate comparing myself to other people. Comparison is still something I struggle with, but has improved drastically because I have chosen to love my differences and my highlights all the same. I have chosen to do everything I do with as much self-love and confidence. Loving your whole self is a choice. Life is too short to spend it being harsh and hyper-critical of who you are. It is a waste of energy to compare yourself to others because in order to channel your highest potential you must love and feel confident about yourself and put that energy into loving who you are right now. Comparison is only a disservice to yourself. Catch yourself when you start to compare and say...


  • God I trust You in who You have created me to be.
  • I am a masterpiece in the making. 
  • I am beautiful inside and out.


“Live not for yourself, but for a higher purpose.”


This keeps me grounded and humble. Don’t you have those moments when you feel so good and accomplished and get on this day dreaming rollercoaster of people applauding you for doing something fantastic in the future? That’s great because you are manifesting and that will help you achieve your goals, but it’s important to wheel yourself back in after that and tell yourself, everything I do and accomplish is for the glory of God. After all that’s why we are here: to bring glory and light to His name. So yes, God wants you to be successful and to be proud of yourself, but do it all for Him. Thank Him for everything you accomplish. It’s crazy but by doing that you will feel something beautiful in yourself that’s indescribable. You will feel peace, joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. It’s amazing.


This is my everyday self-care. It’s not my skin remedy, my workout routine, or my food plan. It’s my mindsets and affirmations that I carry with me always! In my mind and in my soul. Wow isn’t that seriously amazing! You have everything you need! Look in the mirror and smile because you know the secret! You know what really matters and what’s everlasting.