How to Live Your Happiest Self

We are constantly facing distractions and difficulties in this world. But how do you stay centered above all of that? To be your happiest self you need to love where you are and who you are right now. You also need to live with purpose. Below are my 6 go to mindsets that keep me centered, focused, and happy!


Gratitude is the Key to Your Happiness

Like I said above, be grateful for where you are and for who you are right now. Don’t wait to be happy when you achieve “this” or become “that”. That is not living life to the fullest. Be grateful right now for everything you have, it is all purposeful and part of God’s plan for you!


The Past is Over. The Present is What Matters

Don’t let the past dictate your present. I fall victim to this all the time. Once you’ve said something, done something, it’s over. You can’t go back and change it. Leave it in the past and be in the present. The past doesn’t control you, you control how you respond to it. Move into the present with honesty and a drive to be your best self and to learn from your mistakes.


Comparison is the Thief of Joy

We live in a comparative world. That is a given. But comparing yourself to someone else is a disservice to you. God made you who you are for a specific reason. Know and acknowledge that. Instead of comparing, chose to love what makes you stand out! Your talents, your quirks, your skills! Your imperfections and differences are what God will use for you to fulfill his purpose. 


As Long as You Are Conscious of God’s Presence All is Well

This is the sweet spot of living your happiest self. No matter the situation you are in, when you are mindful of who you are with while being aware of God’s presence, that is the most fulfilling and sweet spot of joyful living. This is a testament to the power of prayer. Send up quick prayers before you speak or when you start listening. Bring God’s presence into the conversation, into the meeting, into the moment. When you are aware he is with you, which is ALWAYS, anything is possible!


Your Purpose is to Live this Life for God

God put us on this Earth to get to know him. We will spend the rest of our lives learning about him and learning about ourselves. Your purpose is so much more than you realize, and honestly I don’t think we will comprehend it fully in this life time. Living this life not for ourselves but for God is such a strength and such a love that can conquer anything. Once you open the door to that, you will never close it.


Trusting God is Everything

In my opinion, the trust you put into God is one of the most important things you can actively do in your life. It can be so hard to trust what he has planned for you, even when the world and this life can be so dismal at some points. The trust you put in him, will alleviate so many burdens that are unnecessary for you. To live happily and well, trust in God and what he has planned for you. Pray and live for him.