Mindset Strategies that Work

For me a mindset strategy is something that I do, say, or think that helps me live in the present. As you may have guessed mindset strategies can be a variety of things. From a journaling routine to daily affirmations, mindset strategies encompass an array of techniques and tactics. 

Your mindset is a powerful tool. It can either help you live fully or it can hold you back. So it is very important to fuel and nurture your body and mind with positive thoughts and healthy regimes. 

I am continuously on the prowl for new strategies and ways of living to implement into my life. I am always learning and discovering new things that help me live my fullest and best self. Below I have complied so far what works best for me! None of this is coming from a licensed doctor or life coach but from someone just like you. Someone who is struggling with the same things you are struggling with. Read on and enjoy!


I have recently started mediating in the mornings and my life has changed for the better. I have always been fascinated by Transcendental Mediation but skeptical to try it. One day I said lets just see what happens. I watched a short tutorial, read an article, and thus my obsession with mediation was born.

Transcendental Mediation is all about repeating a mantra, whether it's in your mind or verbally, for about 15/20 minutes. By concentrating on that mantra and not letting thoughts bombard you, you are minimizing your anxiety. My entire day was beautifully impacted by meditating this way. So I decided to explore and research more into meditation. 

The general goal of mediating is to slow down your mind. What I love the most about meditation is the autonomy to do it however you want. According to an article on Healthline there are 9 forms of meditation. All of these focus on a different trajectory of mediating. With spiritual mediation you are focusing on deepening your connection with God. With movement mediation, you are doing an activity that brings you peace and joy, whether that is going on walks, gardening, or working out. Meditation is what you want it to be. It is finding something that works for you, that centers you and clears your mind. It does not need to be complicated. 

In the mornings, I make it a priority to sit down, remove all distractions, and clear my mind. Sometimes I focus on a mantra, or I pray, or I allow my mind to recognize the thoughts that come in and then choose to let them go. It prepares me for the day. The more you do it the more it becomes a part of your everyday living. 

Daily Affirmations

There is nothing more affirming than repeatedly telling myself,

"You can do this."
"You are capable and you are still successful even if you make a mistake."
Affirmations are powerful and true mindset builders. Throughout my day I am always using daily affirmations to keep me present and grateful. I will say them out loud when driving, repeat them over in my head, or write them down in the notes section on my phone. My three favorite ways to start affirmations are "I choose, I will, and I am." For example, I would say something like this. 

"God give me the strength to handle this well. I am strong because I have you with me always. I choose to do this for your glory. I will not let fear control me."

Daily affirmations can help you set your mind on what is important and on what you can control. 

Choosing Again Method

I first came across this mindset method on a "Living Fully with Mallory Ervin" podcast. This method is about training your mind to combat feelings of anger, distress, and self-guilt with the motive lets choose again. Let's choose something better than this current mental state. The best way to implement this method is through practice. It's implemented by recognizing how you are feeling and how that feeling or thought impacts you. It can be tough but we can all unanimously agree that when you have thoughts of self-guilt you aren't your happiest. Recognize that and say no to it. It requires a balance of letting yourself be ok with feeling that certain way but then realizing I am created for more than this feeling and it will not bring out my greatest potential. 

Daily affirmations and meditating can help you initiate a positive change and inspire you to choose a better mindset. What I have discovered is the more you practice and recognize your feelings and thoughts when you have them, you are able to view them more objectively and not attach yourself to them. 

Tell yourself "I am choosing again" the next time a thought of fear or self-guilt enters into your mind. BUT be kind to yourself and recognize that thought and feeling as what it is. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this and are now inspired to embrace new mindset strategies to help you stay present, grateful, and joyful!