About Rachel


Hello! My name is Rachel and welcome to Mindset Makers!

I have always been interested in discovering how I can become more centered and grounded in my faith. I have learned by giving myself the time to reflect, pray, and just be my honest self I am my happiest. I have also discovered that this journey I am on with myself and my faith is never-ending. We all learn something new every single day. No matter what we are going through we are growing and experiencing the life God has put us here to live. It is OUR CHOICE to live a life for Him and with Him. It is OUR CHOICE to seek joy and embrace an honest and faith centered perspective. Mindset Makers acts as my outlet and as an honest and inspirational destination that shines light on the reality of life but also the truth of living a life with Jesus.

 In addition to managing this blog, I work as an Art Consultant in San Antonio, Texas. Art serves as another important aspect I weave into Mindset Makers. If you subscribe to my e-mail newsletter, you will receive poetry every week. This is a way for me to share my creative side and my perspective of the world around us. 

In this crazy world, there is so much going on. Mindset Makers provides the reminder that amidst all the craziness you are loved, you are important, and you are growing. Giving yourself the love, honesty, and kindness you need to live a life glorifying of God is what I WANT FOR YOU! Please take the time to read through the site and saturate your mind with honesty, love, and faith.  Thanks for being here!