About Rachel


Meet Rachel

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am the founder of the health and wellness blog Mindset Makers. Ever since I was young, I have had a strong passion for the arts and an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout college my best friend and I would always check in with each other in the mornings asking "What is your mindset for the day?" which then prompted questions like "How will you handle this? How are you going to respond to that?" Having those conversations and open discussions about how to handle the things life throws at you, whether big or small, I have always been very thoughtful as to how I can live life to the fullest with the best attitude.


The inception of Mindset Makers started during Covid where my intention was to remind myself and others we have so much to be grateful for! It has grown to include an art and retail side in which I am able to express my style and love for art. Mindset Makers is a positive but honest source about the big and little things life gives us. Faith is an important part of my blog as is self-care! I always say whatever God puts in our lives He wants us to respect it and take care of it, including ourselves! So, if you need a bubble bath with a glass of wine while listening to the charming Michael Buble, give yourself that! Give yourself what you need! 


In addition to Mindset Makers, I am an Art Consultant and Curator working under the family started business Lenoir and Associates Inc. I am also the Director of the Parchmen Stremmel Galleries in San Antonio, Texas.


I created Mindset Makers to be a destination that provides positive reminders, pick-me-ups, and just honest points about living life. I want to help you make the best mindset for whatever season of life you are in! I am open about my struggles, insecurities, and fears, but I am also here to remind all of us there is so much more to that difficult thing you are going through right now. There is something so powerful and so vital to living your best life, and that is God's love for you. My focus is on the love and the light we can choose to emit every single day of our life. That is our purpose! It is through our faith and by being our beautiful authentic selves we can contribute love to this world in waves, even by doing the smallest of things.


I would like to end with this Mindset Maker for you. Trust God's plan for you and the process of becoming who He has created you to be! It all serves a purpose! 


Thanks for being here!