Our Manifesto

We are all in this together! Here at Mindset Makers we believe in being yourself in everything you do. 


We live in a world that is full of highlight reels. Mindset Makers is all about honest living and shinning light on the small beautiful moments of life. I am here to make your mindset a beautiful one. I do this by sharing with you what makes our life real, beautiful, challenging, hard, and just awesome. Everything I share with you comes for what I have learned from life experiences and what friends and family have shared with me! 


This is what we believe...

We believe that everything that is happening right now is happening for our ultimate good. 

We believe that our past mistakes, our body appearance, the grades we make in school, the thoughts we have, none of that defines us. 

We believe we are loved by God and it is His love that defines us. 

We believe in the power of creativity and the beauty of art. 

We believe in forgiveness, to yourself and to others. 

We believe in the power of gratitude. 

We believe everyone has a different and unique purpose. 

We believe that every beautiful contribution, every success, every win is because of God. 

We believe in the beauty and the power of our imperfections. 

We believe in self-care. That it is important to take care of yourself, fuel your mind with loving thoughts, and to surround yourself with people that inspire and encourage you. 

We believe in honesty - with yourself and to others. 

We believe in the power of stillness. 

We believe in rest. 

We believe that there is more to someone than meets the eye. 

We believe in the satisfaction of mornings with matcha and journaling. 

We believe that everyday is different and that's ok. 

We believe that we will heave easier seasons than others in our life. 

We believe in trying and failing. But picking yourself up and keep going. 

We believe in living with intention and mindfulness but knowing that it's going to be hard sometimes.

We believe our best is different everyday. 

We believe that living a life with God, joy, peace, and love is a CHOICE WE HAVE TO MAKE. We have to choose to accept what is being given to us. No one can accept it for us.