About Mindset Makers


Mindset Makers is a lifestyle blog and online business that provides curated content centered on self-care and wellness. The intention of everything I promote and sell is to help you cultivate a beautiful and healthy mindset. 


I create in-house mindset strategies, self-care guides, and wellness blogs. I also provide journaling topics, reusable content, daily affirmations, poetry, and more. My desire is to help you make the healthiest mindset for your present season of life. In addition to the content, I have a retail and art section that truly separates this blog from the other wellness brands. I express myself through handmade products and art I personally make alongside accessories I collect from wholesalers around the world. 


Mindset Makers is an online platform. You can find my blog on the social media platforms Pinterest, Instagram and on my website here! For my art and retail, I participate in many markets and pop-ups. Subscribe to my email list to receive notifications on upcoming events!